Jason King

"The Time is Out of Joint: Notes on D'Angelo's Voodoo" - Original Liner Notes, Vinyl Reissue

Light in the Attic Records | December 2012 | D'Angelo's Voodoo

Dangelo voodoo

I wrote +8000 words of new liner notes for Light in the Attic Records' reissue of D'Angelo's classic Voodoo album, featuring brand new interviews with the entire creative team behind the original recording (?uestlove, Pino Palladino, Charlie Hunter, etc.)

Here is the link to Light in the Attic Records; you can purchase the vinyl album, containing the liner notes, here.. Definitely worth it, especially if you're a D'Angelo fan or a serious collector.

I've posted the entire liner notes online, you can read them by clicking here.

And here's a video of me chatting about the process of writing the liner notes..